Canada’s Facedrive to join the Malar Group of Companies

TORONTO–()–Major banks and Investment firms watch closely as Facedrive,
completes its round of financing with Malar, positioning it for rapid
success and market conversion.

Founder of Facedrive, Imran Khan, stated “Being raised in
Toronto and sympathetic to the taxi community, I witnessed the meteoric
growth of ridesharing across Canada, and I felt compelled to create an
entity that would treat both riders and drivers fairly, unlike our
competition. I am passionate about the issues faced by our community and
the world as a whole. I also believe passionately in our environment and
searched for a way to combine ride sharing with giving back to the earth.

And so, Facedrive was born.”Facedrive was created to offer
a transportation network that focuses on vehicle emissions reduction.
Customers can request rides in electric, hybrid and gas-powered vehicles
through the Facedrive App. Trips on the system offset a little or
a lot the CO2 (if any) emitted by contributing a portion of the fees to
carbon offset, tree planting and other measured, sustainable programs.
The company has currently formed partnerships with the City of Toronto
Parks and Works, and the City of Mississauga Parks and Works to plant
trees within communities, directly from fares generated through its app.

Facedrive will provide ridesharing through its app, and drivers
will participate in revenue through a profit sharing program.
Additionally, Facedrives’ fees per ride will be less than its
competition and are based on three levels; Electric, Hybrid and Gasoline
at two levels, each of Sedan or SUV. Drivers earn 85% – 90% of the
journey fare plus tips.

CEO of Malar Group Inc., Sayan Navaratnam, adds, “Facedrives
business model was exciting to us, and our group of companies. We seek
opportunities around the world that are game-changing, sustainable and
positively impact the planet. Imran and his team impressed us with their
holistic approach to ridesharing where literally, everybody wins. It’s a
difficult and an expensive journey to become a taxi driver, where you
are your boss every day, and every dollar counts. Facedrive will
quickly become the technology of choice to bring thoughtful customers
and responsible drivers, together. We have plans to deepen the
ridesharing experience and taking it globally with some alternative
creative strategies. “

Malar Group will be leveraging several of its Companies to assist Facedrive
in accelerating its growth globally.

Over the next 90 days, the Company will be releasing several exciting
announcements involving global partnerships.

About Facedrive Inc.:

Facedrive was created to offer a transportation network that was first
and foremost CO2 emissions neutral. Facedrive is a unique people and
planet first ride-sharing platform committed to doing business fairly
and equitably with both our customers and our members. As a community
platform, drivers are real partners in the company, benefitting from
uniquely customized incentives and rewards that reflect our dedication
to shared success. Our commitment to the planet is demonstrated by
green-incentives for both drivers and customers because we believe that
we all benefit when empowered individuals make positive choices. For
more about Facedrive, visit

About Malar Group Inc.:

A Canadian Corporation holds a material interest in over 18 global
companies including Connex Telecommunications, AC Technical Systems,
DECOSTA Global, Dependable IT, Dyna Lync, Knowledgehook and Pulse
services among many others. Malar Group of companies also support many
global charitable initiatives for children, women, cancer treatments,
kidney foundation, sick kids foundation among others.

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